No. 2, 2009

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Distributed worldwide by Springer, Journal of Volcanology and Seismology ISSN 0742-0463.

Problems of the Diagnostic and Petrogenesis of Ignimbrites

A. M. Kurchavov

Changes in the Height of Active Karymskii Volcano, Kamchatka during the Period 1971-2007

V. I. Andreev, M. A. Maguskin

Radioactive Elements in Sediments and Altered Rocks of the Kikhpinych Long-Lived Volcanic Center

O. F. Kardanova, P. P. Firstov

Hydrothermal Clays and Pyrite in Geothermal Fields, Their Significance for the Geochemistry
of Present-Day Endogenous Processes: Southern Kamchatka

S. N. Rychagov, R. G. Davletbaev, O. V. Kovina

The Paleoseismogenic Activation of the Bolshoe Ozero Segment of the Erzin-Agardag Fault

S. G. Arzhannikov, A. V. Arzhannikova

Seismic Microzonation Assessment and Earthquake Hazard for the Construction Sites
of Sea-Based Facilities in Low Seismicity Water Areas

I. P. Kuzin, S. A. Kovachev, L. I. Lobkovskii