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Late Cretaceous-Early Cenozoic Volcanism in Southern Mongolia: a Trace of the Southern Khangai Mantle Hot Spot
V. V. Yarmolyuk. E. A. Kudryashova. A. M. Kozlovskii, V. M. Savatenko


Possible Uses of the Heat Stored in the Magma Chamber of Avacha Volcano and Surrounding Rocks for Heat and Power Generation
S. A. Fedotov, V. M. Sugrobov, I. S. Utkin, L. I. Utkina



Activity on the Volcanoes of the Northern Group Based on Drilling Data in a Crater Glacier: Ushkovskii Volcano, Kamchatka
Ya. D. Muraviev, A. A. Ovsyannikov, T. Shiraiwa



Electromagnetic 3D Tomography of the Elbrus Volcanic Center Using Magnetotelluric and Satellite Data
V. V. Spichak, V. P. Borisova, E. B. Fainberg, A. A. Khalezov, A. G. Guidina


Radon Surface Flux Density as a Possible Indicator of Changes in the State of Stress and Strain in the Earth
V. S. Yakuvleva, V. D. Karataev

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