No.2, 2005

Characteristics of the Shiveluch Magmatic System

Yu. B. Slezin

When and Why did Avacha Volcano, Kamchatka Cease to Be "Peaked"?

I. V. Melekestsev, L. I. Bazanova, V. N. Dvigalo

Physico-mechanical Properties of Rocks Dredged on a Submarine Volcano
Situated South of Simbo I., Solomon Island Arc

V. M. Ladygin, V. M. Okrugin, A. M. Okrugina, V. A. Rashidov

Spheroloidal Rhyolites in the Khutorskoi Subvolcanic Intrusion,
Southern Trans-Urals Region

G. I. Samarkin, A. M. Pumpyanskii, E. Ya. Samarkina

The Response of a Monitored Spring to Earthquakes as an Indicator
of the State of its Underground Aquifer System

G. N. Kopylova, P. V. Voropaev

The Use of Seismologic Data to Study the Velocity Structure
of an Active Volcanic Zone

L. B. Slavina, N. B. Pivovarova, V. I. Levina

The Latitude Distribution of Terrestrial Seismicity in Relation
to the Locations of the Sun and Moon

N. P. Bulatova

The Journal's Subject Scope and Instruction for Authors