© Y. O. Putintsev

Kamchatka Branch on earthquake engineering DalNIIS (Far Eastern scientific research institute Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences)

Landslide of November 9, 1995 in Ryabikovskaya Street (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski) was predetermined by the earthquake of May 4 (5), 1959. That earthquake caused such damage of the unfinished dwelling that it was decided to stop construction of the third floor and strengthen the building. Seismically induced through-wall cracks from the November 1971 earthquake were fixed during permanent repairs. Inspection of the house in 1986-1988 revealed oblique through-wall cracks opened downward in a southwest direction in cross walls of the ground floor. Verticality deviation of the building in cross direction was 19 cm instead of permissible 4,5 cm. Presence of such evident indicators of the landslide development was not correctly assessed at that time. Finally the building was dismantled and a new heavy five-storey dwelling house was built at that place. Long systematic sewerage system leakages from the upper located dwellings generated conditions for landslide failure. There is no direct cause-effect relation between landslide and particular earthquake; however sensible earthquakes of 1992-1994 could additionally activate development process of landslide failure.

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