Holocene Kamchatka volcanoes

Institute of Volcanology and Seismology
Kamchatka, Russia

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5314' N, 15853' E, summit elevation 2189 m 



Kozelsky is the easternmost volcano in the volcanic ridge ~30 km north of the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. His neighbour at the west is Avachinsky volcano (Fig. 1).

Kozelsky's edifice was formed mostly in late Pleistocene. It is a stratovolcano dotted with numerous lava domes. The ENE slope of Kozelsky was destroyed by a major collapse (Fig. 2) likely also in late Pleistocene based on the relationship of the debris avalanche deposits with glacial deposits and Holocene tephras.

Only two large Holocene eruptions from Kozelsky are known; both of them took place in early Holocene. An earlier eruption produced pyroclastic density currents,  which covered ENE sector of the volcano's edifice. The products of the later eruption were represented mostly by airfall tephra.

Kozelsky Holocene erupted products were dominated by bluish-gray low-vesicular, low-K, Hb-bearing andesites.

Lilia Bazanova