Holocene Kamchatka volcanoes
Institute of Volcanology and Seismology
Kamchatka, Russia
Global Volcanism Program number
Khodutkinsky Crater

5205 N, 15738 E




Khodutkinsky Crater is a monogenetic vent, which produced a large explosive eruption KHD about 2500 years BP. Khodutkinsky Crater is located at the northwestern foot of Khodutka volcano, about 6 km away from its summit, but significantly differs from the latter in composition of the erupted products: while Khodutka lavas are low-potassic basaltic andesite-andesite, KHD products are hornblende-bearing mid-potassic rhyodacite. We tend to regard Khodutkinsky crater as a separate volcano rather than a flank vent of the Khodutka volcano.  

Khodutkinsky Crater consists of two coalesced craters, 0.9 and 0.6 km across. The larger crater is filled with a rhyodacite extrusive dome, the smaller one is occupied by a lake. The KHD eruption produced more than 1.5 km3 of tephra, which formed fall and pyroclastic flow deposits. Air-fall was dispersed mainly to southwest and  is one of the best markers for the Holocene South Kamchatka stratigraphy (Figs.2, 3).     


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