Shiveluch volcanic massif from SSW. Old Shiveluch is an eroded Late Pleistocene stratovolcano, complicated at its western flank with a later lava field (Baidarny ridge). It is truncated by a 9-km-wide crater (caldera), which encloses Young Shiveluch eruptive center, active through the Holocene. Young Shiveluch is composed of coalesced extrusive domes of different ages, the highest of those is named The Fourth summit. Young Shiveluch edifice is destroyed by a crater formed as a result of the 1964 sector collapse and subsequent plinian eruption. Huge "stairs" (toreva blocks) of the 1964 debris avalanche deposit are seen at the foreground. Here we see the volcano in 1980-ies, when a small extrusive dome has just started to form inside the 1964 avalanche crater.



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