Krasheninnikov volcano region


Upper part of the soil-pyroclastic sequence 9 km west of Krasheninnikov volcano and 15 km northwest of Kikhpinych volcano. 1-cm thick white layers of regional marker ashes: SH2 (1000 14C years BP) and SH3 (1400 14C years BP) from Shiveluch volcano; OP (1500 14C years BP) from Baranii Amphitheater crater at the foot of Opala volcano. Black and brownish tephras are from Kikhpinych active cone (Savich cone) and Krasheninnikov: brownish cinder between OP and SH3 is from the initial phreato-magmatic eruption of Savich cone; black package between SH3 and SH2 marker ashes is mostly from Krasheninnikov (small inner cone inside the Northern cone caldera) with minor admixture of Savich ashes; two closely spaced layers of black cinder immediately above SH2 are from the latest eruptions from Savich cone. Tephra layers are separated by sandy loam and paleosol horizons.


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