Kozyrevsk, Kamchatka river




Upper 50 cm of a Holocene soil-pyroclastic sequence in a town of Kozyrevsk, Kamchatka river valley. Ash layers from different volcanoes are separated by eolian sandy loam rich in scattered charcoals. Major ash layers: SH (1000 14C years BP), SH3 (1400 14C years BP) and SH5 (2600 14C years BP) from Shiveluch volcano; OP (1500 14C years BP) - from Baranii Amphitheater crater at the slope of Opala volcano;  KS1 (1800 14C years BP) - from Ksudach (note gray color of the upper, and yellowish color of the lower part of the layer) ; BZ (2100-2300 14C years BP) - from Bezymianny. Codes and ages of marker ashes (in brackets, rounded to nearest hundred) according to Braitseva et al. (1997).


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