Kliuchi town




Soil-pyroclastic cover overlying glacial deposits in Kliuchi town, sub-latitude part of the Kamchatka river valley. Marker ash layers are separated by eolian sandy loams containing thin beds of ashes from nearby volcanoes, mainly Kliuchevskoi and Shiveluch. The handle of a shovel at the left is marked in 10-cm intervals. Marker ashes: SH2 (1000 years BP), SH3 (1400 years BP) and SH5 (2600 years BP) are from Shiveluch volcano; KS1 (1800 years BP) from Ksudach; KHG (6900) from Khangar; KZ (7500) from Kizimen. Codes and radiocarbon ages of the ashes according to Braitseva et al. (1997).

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