Kikhpinych volcano


Kikhpinych volcano looking southeast, from the outer slopes of the Krasheninnikov pre-caldera edifice. Holocene three-headed edifice of Kikhpinych is at the left. It comprises three distinct features (from left to right): Crab lava dome with lava flows formed few hundreds years ago; Savich cone (1552 m, the highest cone of the Holocene Kikhpinych), which started to form about 1450 14C years BP; Zapadnyi ("Western") cone built  4200-4100 14C years BP. To the right of the Holocene volcano there is a mid-Pleistocene eroded edifice of Old Kikhpinych also called Mt.Peak. At the far right there is a silicic Late Pleistocene volcano of Mt. Zheltaya ("Yellow").  


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