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7 th Biennial Workshop on Japan-Kamchatka-Alaska Subduction Processes: Mitigating Risk through International Volcano, Earthquake, and Tsunami Science


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Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia, August 25th -30th 


Institute of Volcanology and Seismology FEB RAS (IVS)


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About Kamchatka


The 7th international workshop on the Japan- Kurile-Kamchatka-Aleutian volcanic arcs, among the most volcanically and seismically active areas on Earth, will be held August 25th -30th, 2011 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky , Russia . The region includes transitions from ocean-ocean to ocean-continent convergence, arc rifting by oblique convergence, an exceptional subduction cusp, and a newly defined micro-plate. High rates of lithospheric flow help to illuminate linkages among plate interaction, seismicity and volcanism and resultant hazards from earthquakes, tsunamis, and eruptions. The interdisciplinary and international nature of the workshop brings together scientists to solve problems that cross unchanged through international borders. The fusion of many geophysical techniques in this unique natural laboratory will allow us to more effectively monitor its hazards and mitigate risks of natural disaster.

Session themes are:

Recent or ongoing eruptions and recent major earthquakes;

New results from tectonic, volcanic, seismic, and marine research

New developments in ground-, air-, and satellite-based monitoring techniques and in modeling and forecasting hazard events.

A special discussion will focus on how we can extend geophysical monitoring and improve crisis response through bilateral and/or trilateral initiatives. Activities to be proposed may include joint installation of new monitoring networks, joint field studies including scientific cruises, and real-time sharing of monitoring data. Past outcomes from the JKASP series of meetings, which cycle biennially among Petropavlovsk , Sapporo , and Fairbanks , are new international projects, a field school, and publications including an AGU Monograph.

JKASP provides a unique opportunity to meet many other scientists and students working in the far northern Pacific, as well as an excellent introduction for those who wish to become involved in research in this exciting region.

Form of Workshop:

There will be a mixture of invited and contributed talks, with ample time for discussion. Poster presentations are also welcome, no more than two from a participant. Student participation is encouraged.

Steering committee:

Evgeny Gordeev and Victor Chebrov, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky , Russia

Hiroaki Takahashi and Mitsuhiro Nakagawa, Sapporo , Japan

John Eichelberger, Reston , Virginia and Pavel Izbekov, Fairbanks , Alaska , USA

Local organizing committee:

Evgeny Gordeev, (chairman), Yaroslav Muravyov, Vladimir Leonov, Olga Girina, Sergey Ushakov, Oxana Evdokimova, Victor Chebrov, Vadim Saltykov, Yulia Kugaenko.

Meeting venue:

Institute of Volcanology and Seismology FEB RAS (IVS), Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (PK).


Russian participation will be coordinated by Oxana Evdokimova

Japan participation will be coordinated by Hiroaki Takahashi 

Participation of all other countries will be coordinated by Pavel Izbekov  

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