Bezymianny volcano

The 1956 eruption of Bezymianny volcano

Our paper about the 1956 eruption of Bezymianny volcano

Eruption cloud of the 1956 eruption.
Photo of V.Shamshin.

Bezymianny before the 1956 eruption.
Photo by Boris Piip, 1950.

Bezymianny after the 1956 eruption (in 1995). The
horseshoe shaped crater was formed during the
eruption and later filled with lava dome.

Hummocky surface of the 1956 debris avalanche

One of the largest hummocks.

Outcrop of the 1956 deposits: lower part - the
debris avalanche, upper - the pyroclastic flow.

Outcrop of blast deposit in the
proximal zone.

Tree broken by the 1956 blast. The new
tree grows from the same roots. Distance
from volcano 18 km.