Workshop 2003
Monitoring Volcanic Activity of Kamchatka and North Kuriles Region: Past, Present, and Future
April 23, Wednesday. The open science session
= Ten years of KVERT =
  Chairs: Vladimir Yu. Kirianov, Christina Neal, Alexander V. Vikulin and Evgenii Gordeev
10:00 Vladimir Yu. Kirianov and Alexander V. Vikulin
10:15 Christina A. Neal, Thomas P. Miller, Olga Girina, and Vladimir Y. Kirianov
Volcano Monitoring and Hazard Mitigation in the North Pacific:  Ten Years of Successful Collaboration Between KVERT and AVO
10:45 Olga A. Girina, Vladimir Y. Kirianov, Olga S. Chubarova, Alexander P. Maksimov, Oxana A. Evdokimova and Alexander G. Zubov
Important Results of KVERT Activity of 1993 – 2003
11:15 John Eichelberger, Boris Ivanov, Evgenii Gordeev, Minoru Kasahara and Mitsuhiro Nakagawa
Volcanoes as an International Link Across the North  Pacific
11:45 Abdurakhmanov A.I., Vyacheslav B. Gurianov, Dmitry P. Kuznetsov, Konstantin L. Puzankov, Alexander V. Rybin, Nikolai S. Terentiev and V.P. Tuzov
Monitoring on Volcanic Activity in the Kurile Islands: the recent  State.
12:15 John Eichelberger
Some new ideas about volcanic systems
  12:45 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 Sergey L. Senyukov, Svetlana Ya. Droznina, Dmitry V. Droznin and Dmitry I. Kiskin
The Sheveluch’s ash plume detection experience and the plume height estimation using seismic data
14:30 Nakagawa M., Ishizuka Y., Kudo T., Yoshimoto M., Hirose W., Ishizaki Y.,Gouchi N., Katsui Y., Alexander S., Steinberg G.S. and Abdurakhmanov A.I.
Tyatya Volcano, Southwestern Kuril arc: Recent Eruptive Activity  Inferred from Widespread Tephra
15:00  Pavel Izbekov
The 1996 Eruption of Karymsky volcano, Kamchatka: Detailed Petrological Study of a Single Basalt-Triggered Eruption Cycle
15:30 Sergey L. Senyukov, Svetlana Ya. Droznina, Valentina T. Garbuzova, Dmitry V. Droznin, Irina N. Nuzhdina and Tatiana Kozhevnikova
Remote Sensing of Bezymianny volcano eruptions, 2000-2002
16:00 Viktor V. Ivanov
Prediction of Time, Volume of Eruptive material, Duration of Kamchatkan Volcanoes Eruptions: Karymsky in 1996-2002, Sheveluch in 2001-2002 and their Proving to be Correct
Pavel P. Firstov
Possibility of Monitoring on Large Explosive Volcanic Activity in the Kamchatka and the Northern Kurile Islands with Wavy Disturbance in the Atmosphere