Antsiferov Volcano
GVP Number  290331
IAVCEI Number  0900-331
Location  50°12'0" N, 154°58'31" E
Last Eruption ?
Elevation 761 m
Volcano-Island Antsiferova with a diameter of about 3 km is located 15 km west of Peak Fuss.
Form and structure
The strongly truncated cone of the volcano rises to 761 m a.s.l. A summit crater with a diameter of approximately 750 m is surrounded by a crown of rocks and is wide open to the south. In the southern part of the crater there is a dome with a diameter of about 450 m, from which a small lava flow tongue extends down the slope.
Aviation color code
Last VONA/KVERT Releases
No VONA/KVERT Releases
Hazard synopsis
Ash clouds, ash falls, pyroclastic flows, hot avalanches and lahars are a potential hazard associated with explosive eruptions of this volcano. The volcano poses a potential hazard to international and local airlines passing in the Kuriles region, since the height of its ash emissions can reach 10-15 km above sea level, ash plumes and clouds can drift hundreds and thousands of kilometers from the volcano in different directions.
Monitoring status

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